Hall Details



Theatre Style

"Chairs in rows facing a stage, head table or speaker. This style allows for the most seating in any sized room. The aisle down the middle this provides easier access to the main stage as well as allows the majority of guests to be able to see the stage at a slight angle versus looking over someone's head. This set up is optimal when guests serve as the audience and is not recommended for food or note taking.


Classroom Style

Rows of tables facing the front of the room. This layout requires more space than theatre style per person, however, it allows everyone a space to take notes, rest their equipment or have their lunch. This style is well suited to events where notes will need to be taken, and provides a feeling of a higher quality event. Note, as everyone is facing one another's backs, this provides some barriers to group interaction.

Boardroom Style

A rectangular or oval table set up with chairs around the sides and ends. This style works well if the group is small and the ability to make eye contact with one another is of importance. This style is ideal for board of directors meetings, committee meetings and discussion groups.

Horseshoe Style

" A series of tables set up in the shape of the letter U with chairs around the outside. Similar to the boardroom style, this accommodates a greater number of people and can provide easier access to viewing of presentations. The presenter can also command the space more easily by entering in to the center of the space and finding themselves closer to the guests.


Round tables of up to 12 guests can provide an intimate feeling within a large gathering. This traditional setting allows all guests easy access to the table and is ideal for a sitdown meal.


Other options include


This mingling environment can feature food stations and be customized with small rounds for placing drinks and dishes


Similar to boardroom, however provides individuals with more equality as all sides of the table are equal providing easier visualization of the group.


Cabaret style features round tables with chairs located only on half the table, allowing the attendees to visualize the speaker without someone's back to them.


Hall rental fees include: Hall set up, onsite tables and chairs, linens, china, silverware and glassware. Event staffing, as appropriate per attendee numbers and food requirements. Post event cleaning.

Hall charges cover use of space for up to a maximum of 4 hours

Meeting Packages

All Day / Half Day Meeting Package

  • Main meeting room 9am - 2pm
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Connection
  • 1 LCD Projector
  • 1 Screen
  • 1 Flipchart with markers
  • Continuous Tea Break Station
  • Working Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner

*Note: Prices available upon request

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